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I had just come from the doctor because I was having trouble breathing at night, when I saw the Hunter Purifiers demo on HSN. I ordered them not expecting much as our air is so full of allergens. I put it on medium day and night and slept thru the night without needing an inhaler. The next night I forgot to put it on and awoke desperate forair. Never want to be without them again.

Raven CA

I have bought quite a few of these over the years. The design is nice and blends in with decor. This 2017 model is much quieter than prior years and now having one in every room I feel the difference breathing fresh clean flowing air through out the house. Also, the larger model seems to better handle every day use. Maintenance is easy...just vacuum out when the light comes on. I would definitely recommend the larger model. The smaller models seem to struggle over time with every day use and have had to replace.


I plugged in my new filter yesterday in an area that has been recently painted and rehabbed due to Hurricane Harvey. The area wrecked of fumes yesterday afternoon and I hoped that I would be able to spend the night there. I was able to get a restful nights sleep because the purifier set on high prevented me from having any coughing spasms. That is high praise since I suffer from major allergies and asthma.

Sellabrate TX