Pre-Filter Technologies

Why do you need a pre-filter?
Pre-filters capture large particles and help remove odors from the air. Odors from pets, cooking, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other sources can be offensive and harmful to your health.  




Hunter offers two pre-filter options for treating the air that passes through your air cleaner:

ViroSilver Carbon Pre-filters (VCPs)
ViroSilver is a silver ion-based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter and prevents up to 99% of the bacteria from spreading. Leveraging the natural anti-microbial properties of silver, ViroSilver attacks the germs, breaks them down and prevents reproduction. Our VCPs add this important line of protection to your system and can be used to replace any traditional ACP.
ViroSilver In Action



Activated Carbon Pre-filters (ACPs)
ACPs are tried and true in the air cleaner industry. For years they have been providing the initial treatment of large particles and odors. However, not all ACPs are created equal. Our units use high quality carbon and a tight fiber weave in order to maximize effectiveness, in some cases providing up to 30% better results than other leading brands.